Central Yacht Agents' Promise to our entire industry At CYA we believe, to our core, that any tool that is used by the agents and brokers to sell and book charters should be very cost effective, simply to use and effective.

In light of recent proposed changes in fees from one of our competitors we are imploring the brokers to speak to the yachts and Clearing Houses with which you book charters. Encourage them to list with CYA as this is the most cost effective tool in the industry for the brokers and the clearing houses .
Yachts For January 2011, CYA average 210,000 hits per day. This activity came from broker and clients' useage and from broker websites via our "snapin". This is a lot of impressions from users with one goal in mind..... Find a Yacht for charter!!!!!
  • Is your yacht listed with CYA?
  • Are you missing out on all this activity?
  • Is your clearing house giving your yacht the coverage it deserves?
In this current economy the chartering clientele has shrunken and so it is vital that your yacht is available to all the brokers. Do not allow your yacht to sit idle on the docks due to the fact that it is not exposed to the brokers and their clients.

Speak to your clearing house today! Ensure you are listed with CYA. It's the #1 place to be for charters. Clearing Houses We understand the effort and time involved in updating yachts in many different places. To make it easier for you, just login to your account, select the yacht and upload the photos, as is, and our staff will do the rest.

Having the same problems with bookings? Just follow the same procedure as above and once per day upload all your bookings via a text file, copy/paste or any other format. We guarentee your bookings will be online within a 12 hour period.

Not listing with CYA currently? Give us a call or drop us a line at info@centralyachtagent.com to discuss our insanely reduced rates for listing as a new agent.

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