At CYA we offer the most options to our brokers, yachts and CAs for database integration into their websites.

The key to good search engine results is lots of good quality content in your website that relates to your subject area. With hundreds of yachts available via our feeds it is ideal to have these yachts add value to your website. The key however is to avoid Frames/IFrames or direct links to external websites. Be careful of other services that are more concerned about their bottom line and offer you tools that inturn will reduce the "weight" of your webpages.
Remote Include Remote include is a feature that alows you to inlcude pages from external websites, not to be confused with linking to external pages. All information is processed on our server and then displayed on your pages. The search engines in turn sees it as pages residing on your website.

Some host servers might not allow the actual "remote include" function for security purposes, so we have provide cURL scripts that will overcome this inability.

XML Search Results and Ebrochures CYA search results and ebrochures come in a standard consistent format. This is done to ensure that there is consistency and no unwanted surprises with what you are sending to your clients. As always not all brokers will wish to follow the crowd. Some will want to be unique or just to stand out or above the rest in this competitive market.

Our XML feed option is the solution. No restrictions on results nor the ebrochures. You may design the ebrochures to fit perfectly with the design of your websites.

  • Design the Search Results and Ebrochures to fit your website
  • Name the ebrochure pages as you see fit. eg.
  • Display as little or as much information as you desire
  • Insert Metadata in all pages including page title, description keywords
Your search engine rankings will greatly improve by the thousands of potential pages that are added with this feature. With this option you are only bounded by your creativity.

Premium technical assistant is available for the above options.

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